What is the most important thing

to teach a child?


How to persevere when life is hard


Respect for Nature


How to be a good friend


The importance of being true to yourself


All of the above

Two friends, one journey

Set in a remote forest, “Misho of the Mountain” is an adventure full of exploration, friendship, and the real meaning of success. In this lavishly illustrated Early Chapter Book for ages 5-9, Misho discovers an exciting and sometimes frightening world on the way to becoming her true self.


D. L. Diehl

D. L. Diehl

Author, Screenwriter

Science & Nature fangirl, alchemist of children’s fantasy and adult sci-fi

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64 pages
Dyslexia-friendly font

Misho of the Mountain, an Early Chapter Book

For Parents: You want to prepare your sons and daughters so they can stand up to anything Life puts in front of them, right? Reading Misho with your children will help you to raise kids with grit and to start conversations about tough, real-life topics. More for parents…

For Kids: Are things unfair sometimes? Do grown-ups keep asking you what you are going to be? Does it seem like nobody understands? Misho does!  Misho, a tiny seed with a big imagination, and Tomo, an enthusiastic owl, set out on a fun adventure to figure it all out. What they find in the end might surprise you.

For Teachers & Psychotherapists: Misho’s story has an underlying mission: to help children cope with hardship and difficult emotions. In the classroom, it can provide a teaching aid for social emotional learning. In his review, Dr. Kyle Erwin, Ed.D., teacher and family therapist said, “I highly recommend “Misho of the Mountain” to teachers and psychotherapists as an additional resource for instruction in the vital skill of perseverance.” Read the full review…

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