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Short videos about themes and the making of books by the author

Grit & Perseverance

The world can be a hard place. Alone in a storm, can a little seedling with her heart full of dreams survive?

“Misho of the Mountain,” an illustrated, early chapter book for ages 5-9, teaches children that the first step to saving yourself can be to save someone else.

A Story about Trees and Nature

Humans & trees–we need each other. The future of our planet and the fate of our children are intertwined. How do we inspire reverence for nature in our children? We can educate about the importance of trees. We can warn them about deforestation.

Or we can make it personal with a story about one special tree. Make it personal. Read “Misho of the Mountain.” Then go out, look up, and save a tree.

If a Story Could Save a Child

What if a story could save a life? Would you read it to a child? TV and movies tell children everyone must be beautiful. The hero always wins. We adults know Life happens. How do we prepare children to face impossible obstacles?

We talk. We read. We show so they know they have the strength to persevere, that hard times will come and go, and that Purpose can find us when we least expect it.

“Misho of the Mountain,” “…a fantastic tale of perseverance…”

Author Insight

I write because I believe in mind-reading–but not the kind you think. Consider this: an idea springs up inside my head, invisible to you–pictures, action, dialogue. I translate this into abstract squiggles called letters and package them up into words, sentences, and chapters. They travel through the ether and end up on paper or on your screen. You look at these squiggles, and you know what was inside my head. You are literally reading my mind.

That’s magic!

I write, too, because books create universes. Parallel worlds pour out of the tips of my fingers. I have to admit, that’s a powerful feeling. But most importantly, I wrote because I want to give back. Books were my refuge when the real world was not so kind. I’d like to pass that on.

Words are magic. Words have power. Words create sanctuary. Take your own magical journey.

(originally published as part of a Reedsy author project)

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