Misho of the Mountain for Parents

Children are faced with daunting expectations and unrealistic standards in mainstream media. Princesses are beautiful; princes are strong; the heroine always wins. But what happens when she doesn’t win? When life is tough?

Reading “Misho of the Mountain” is a great way to open a dialogue with your child about difficult topics. You may find yourself coming back to “Misho…” again and again to help your child be prepared for the ups and downs of life. And it’s a fun read!

As children follow Misho on her exciting adventure, they’ll cheer for her when she reaches for the stars and cry for her when obstacles seem insurmountable. Through Misho, they’ll learn that failure is a normal part of life, and that, like Misho, they are wonderful just the way they are.

Take Time…

Set aside a little time to talk or read to your child every day

A Note to Parents from the Author

We naturally shy away from negative topics when talking to our kids. We want them to reach all of their dreams and avoid all our pitfalls.

When life isn’t easy

Unfortunately, tough times happen to everyone. How many of us hide wannabe ballerinas, stymied undersea explorers, or would-be Olympic skiers in the cobwebbed cubbyholes of our memories? How many of us have embarrassing or painful experiences we wish we could forget?

Raising a child with “grit”

Helping your child prepare psychologically for uncertainty builds self-esteem. Letting them know that they can persevere in spite of disappointment or disaster gives them a practical foundation for the future.

Misho as a parenting tool

Here is where Misho’s story can help you as a parent. Underneath Misho’s adventure is a story about surviving difficult times and unpleasant emotions that is told with sensitivity to children’s impressionable nature.

I hope that sharing “Misho of the Mountain” with your youngster will not only provide a fun reading experience but will also open the door to talking about some of the topics below.

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Raising a child with “grit” … builds self-esteem

Dyslexia Friendly Version

Misho of the Mountain is available in an ebook version that uses a dyslexia-friendly font to help all kids have a more enjoyable reading experience

Suggested Topics to Talk About with Your Child

  • Goal-setting
  • Failure
  • Taking risks
  • Following your dreams
  • The many definitions of success and beauty
  • How to be a good friend
  • The power of accepting help
  • Why people feel like giving up sometimes
  • Accepting limitations
  • Surpassing limitations
  • Things that are out of our control
  • Social pressure
  • The pros and cons of tradition
  • How to persevere when life is hard

Teachers have lesson plans.

Why not parents?

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