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  • That video makes my eyes cross! What an obstacle to the enjoyment of reading. Audio books for the win?

  • As someone that has this disorder I find that the shape of the individual letters are less important than the shape of the entire word. I feel, at least for me, that I can only read the words I recognize and if I don’t recognize the word, then I have to stop and look at each individual letter, mentally placing them their correct order so I can then phonetically sounding it out…or I copy and paste into Google and get the definition of the word so I can continue to read. Even at 64 I continued to be surprised at how many words I know but do not recognize by shape.

    As an amature graphics designer I spend a lot of time with fonts and trying to find “the one” that fits the situation the best, such as; “Doing the job”, “Looking good”, and “Not breaking the bank”; what I’ve found for myself is that it doesn’t matter much what font it is because in a very short time of reading the text I have converted all of the font specific shapes in my mind which allows me to start seeing the “word shape” without regard to the font.

    I am only one, and I may not even be typical, I have not been formally diagnosed but have all the classic symptoms. For me I must be most comfortable with Arial Narrow, which is my day to day font, but it’s not what you would call whimsical! I did notice that the “Moore Dyslexia font” in the sample above is Monospace and I really find that Proportional space type an easier to read for me.

    My two cents: Use a nice whimsical font that has minimal deflection from the classic letter shapes. They can be stretched and twisted to a good degree but should maintain the shape of the classic letter.

  • What great feedback and insight, Mark! I am surprised to hear that Arial Narrow is most comfortable. Isn’t the space between letters smaller for that font? Or is it just the letters that are narrowed?

    The phenomenon of acclimatization is fascinating–where you said that after a very short time of reading any font, you have converted all the font-specific shapes in your mind. I’m not sure what to call “word shape.” There is probably a specific part of the brain that processes this. It may be what allows many people to infer a word based on the first and last letters, even when the characters in the middle are a jumble.

    So my takeaway for designing Misho is that proportional fonts are easier for you than monospace. If you see any fonts that meet your statement about whimsy with minimal deflection, please let me know.

    Thank you!

    • I found two that I think are pretty whimsical very different though:

      John Handy LET font, part of the installed fonts that most likely came with CorelDraw.
      Gradl (lower case ‘L’) which was a very inexpensive font for private use and the one I used for creating the Parkster logo!

      I will send you a sample of what they look like since I can’t post a picture here!

  • Thanks, Mark! I received them and forwarded them to Teri. They are nice ones.

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