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  • Messy is right! It took several sessions over a few days. It felt a little like untangling a wad of fine chain necklaces. But the text was in there. The excerpt in the post shows what the worst segments looked like.

  • How did you find an illustrator when you decided to reactivate your children’s book project?

    • Teri and I worked on another project–actually an anthology of short stories, poems, and haiku that were written for a contest. The prompt for “The Coffee Shop Chronicles” contest was–you guessed it–coffee. Teri is a talented illustrator with much experience in layout, design, and publishing. I am so happy to be working with her.

  • Sounds wonderful, beautiful, Diana. I’ll be looking for it.

    • Thanks, Evie! I have a wonderful illustrator and layout person I’m working with, and we have high hopes for the success of this project. Thank you for looking at the site. I’m working on networking so we can have sales when we release. Feel free to spread the word to anyone you think might appreciate this.

      ~ Diana

    • Hi Evie! Thanks for commenting on my blog post last year. For some reason, your comment got buried. I’ve found it now! I just finished my manuscript for Misho, and it’s in the hands of my illustrator. I am so excited! It’s been a long journey.

  • Helo – licwn i glywed mwy am drydar mewn 2 iaith a beth yw’r ymarfer gorau. Ar bwynt cyeliytlsdig dwi ishe clywed gan bobl am ddefnyddio Facebook yn dwyieithog – unrhyw sylwadau am y ffordd orau i gymdeithas rhedeg tudalen(nau) ddwyieithog?

    • Hi Eve,

      Mae’n ddrwg gen i , nid wyf yn gwybod Cymraeg . Rhai tudalennau cymdeithasol yn ei wneud cyfieithiadau awtomatig os bydd defnyddwyr glicio ar y ddolen cyfieithu. Roeddwn yn gallu cyfieithu eich neges yn rhannol gan ddefnyddio Google auto- cyfieithu. Pob lwc gyda’ch dudalen dwyieithog !

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